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EP Reviews

Darlyn Vlys & Greeko

What u said

Spanish imprint Sincopat presents a collaborative release with two talented producers, Darlyn Vlys and Greeko. Both coming from different countries and with different career spans, this dynamic duo make quite the pair as their What U Said EP surely proves. With remixes by head honcho AFFKT and the Argentinean Fosky, the release brings a little bit of everything to the listener and keeps everyone satisfied. From darker to more simplified house influenced grooves, What U Said is another prominent release Sincopat drops into the coming autumn season.

The title track What U Said begins the EP as rolling groove supplied by big percussion and bass keep feet moving. Trippy effects and vocal splashes keep listeners entertained on the edge of their seat waiting for more. A more pounding rendition of the original supplied by AKKFT is one for the after hours parties. Reworking the bass and groove, he throws down an unforgettable drop time and time again. The second original collaboration, Delayed, plays on more uplifting vocal melodies but still emphasizes the harder tech sound the two are known to create separately and now together.

Darlyn presents his own track for the 4th on the release with Red Emotion. A classy and intelligent arrange of deeper sounds, he proves his ability and talent to dip into different genres yet still providing quality and upfront productions. Fosky moves Red Emotion into a layer of house inspired groove. Light and refreshing, his mix retains the elegant feeling of the original but adding a splash of danceable love. Calling on producers both new and old, Sincopat’s ability to call on talent makes it a go-to for many DJs while on the decks. Supplying not only quality tracks and discoveries, but playing across all spectrums of genres and sounds, the imprint’s legacy flourishes with What U Said.