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EP Reviews

Danilo Vigorito

Homegrown tears

Born in Naples, producer Danilo Vigorito has had an impressive career since his first releases over two decades ago. With tracks charted by techno legends Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, Danilo’s success has been an increasingly important step for the evolution of electronic music. This talent manages four of his own labels as well as composing ripping productions on monumental imprints like Plus 8, Surface, Heatflow, Orion Muzik, and more. Now Danilo Vigorito introduces a new twist on modern day electronic music with eight refreshing tracks that feature some incredible artistry.

Iside Music is happy to present his Homegrown Tears album, a tribute to all of the people who have left their own country in the hopes of finding a better life for their families. A bit of a personal touch from the artist, Danilo’s heart and soul goes out to the people of Naples who were forced to leave the city that they cherished in order to find a better existence. Inspired by Neapolitan classical music, Danilo has painted a vibrant picture of heartbreaking atmospheres and dramatic encounters.

Featuring an array of superstar talent of the Neapolitan classical scene, Danilo welcomes violinist Michele Signore from Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Poplare Of Napoli; as well as Gretchen Rhodes, a versatile artist who adds richness and charter to this collection with her beautiful vocals. The title track of the album Homegrown Tears, features a somber and spiritual touch by the violinist Michele Signore, truly a perfected collaboration of emotional electronic and classical music the likes of which have never been heard. Gretchen Rhodes fulfills the soul and heart with her touch on four of the eight tracks. Chain, In The Month Of May, Little Snail, and Naples Passion all escalade from dubby techno tracks driven by bubbling percussion into climactic builds of symphonic sounds and serene vocals.

Lastly, Danilo goes solo with Baby Queen and Soul and Heart to prove once again his ability to move the dancefloor as well as touch at our emotions. His other solo track Black Serenade provides a raw, almost live feeling with a rush of spacey electronica. Homegrown Tears is truly a groundbreaking album that blurs the line of elaborate symphonies and complex techno.