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EP Reviews

Dan Drastic

Noodle stories

Since Slice Of Life, his last EP release on Moon Harbour, Dan Drastic has been anything but idle. He’s released on Luna Records and Rrygular and contributed several tracks to the Moon Harbour compilations Ten Years of Moon Harbour and Moon Harbour Joints Vol. 2. Since October 2011 he has been taking turns with Luna City Express at hosting the Moon Harbour Radio Show and is still an essential part of the Moon Harbour Labelflights at the Leipzig Distillery.

Dan Drastic starts  2012 with an eclectic EP. The title track, Noodle Stories, is perfect for the time between warm-up and peak in the club:  it’s deep but have more than enough energy to get the dance floor moving. Percussive tech deep house with a powerful punch.

The great Martin Buttrich takes a more minimal approach in his remix. We could call it effective, dark, deep and subtle techh-house. With Fish Fingers And Custard, Dan Drastic shows it’s more personal. The groove of the track is dense and driving and reaches its climax through an utterly effective chord sequence.

In short, this EP is deep  and high in quality, offering very useful tools for the dance floor. A good way to start the year for one of the most acclaimed and respected labels in the European tech house scene.