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EP Reviews

Crazy P

Heartbreaker remixes

Exciting House imprint 2020 Vision has lent us many well-desired records over this past year. It closes out 2012 with a remix package from one of its most prominent artists, Crazy P. The Heartbreaker (Remixes) package celebrates another anthem from the band alongside two distinguished remixes from talented producers Mark E and Huxley. Having yet another incredible year, Crazy P has traveled the world headlining gigs and festivals. This release pays homage to the 2020 imprint, known for helping launch Crazy P into stardom back in 2008. What we get in return is an emotive disco plate of funky and soulful goods.

With the Original Mix opening things up, Crazy P executes in true fashion with deep organic and natural sounds. Relaying on live drums, bass, and guitar, they’ve been able to elegantly execute an untouched sound for so many years. Running Back and Internasjonal’s Mark E supplies a form of deep, hypnotic, mood-driven House music, and brilliantly contrasts the original’s summer vibe with a more underground essence. As always Mark E’s work proves he’s a master of rocking the party without compromising his classic style.

The final remix by one of the most hyped artists of the year, Huxley returns to 2020 after his Out of the Box EP earlier this year. Like most of Huxley’s recent work, his version employs a skillful version of Garage meets House. Selecting snips of the leading sound from the Original Mix, he molds them into a club ready cut with a gritty bass and crunchy drums. With a collection of some of 2020’s most prominent artists, the Heartbreaker Remixes package is one that promises quality from both artist and label. As the future sounds of House emerge, one can’t argue the relevancy of these names in leading today’s campaign for a more classically refined club culture.