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EP Reviews

Boris Castro

Slow dancing

Indepth Music Rec brings forward the vision that Giovanni Allegrezza and Alessandro Carotti aka Genetikal Twins have of the musical world. Indepth wants to affirm its own idea of house-music, proposing a unique and identifiable style. Seeking and promoting new talented artists will be the mission of this newborn lab.

Indepth Music is proud to present the Chilean vanguardist producer Boris Castro. After his excellent releases on Release/Sustain, Recycle, Irma…Boris returns with an eclectic and elegant EP that defines him very well, both musically and personally.

Slow Dancing features a fusion of techno elements and lo-fi style with the harmony of house music. The 10 minutes of Sleeping are characterized by original and hypnotic effects with charming voice hooks, accompanied by light drum breaks and otherworldly sounds. In Flying, the pattering of drums and acid dirty synths is ever-present in the background, providing the rhythmic rise & fall. In Runnig, the bubbling bassline underpins the massive dirty groove that will make a dancefloor really, really hot.