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EP Reviews


Moonlight on the malago

A brand new label from the birthplace of house music brings us its premiere release featuring one of Bristol’s upfront and talented producers. Chicago’s Tasteful Nudes imprint kicks off their first EP with two harmoniously wicked pieces of tasteful deep house. As an artist known for his collaborative releases with DJ October on labels like Apple Pups, BRSTL, and Never Learnt, Borai goes solo with Moonlight On The Malago. Topping off his legacy of widely praised collaborations, he’s learned the art of vinyl mastering taking another well-chosen step in the direction of floor-focused grooves.

Moonlight On The Malago feels like just that, a romantically classic and artful sound of deep house that screams top tier dance music. Beautifully mastered and arranged the A Side does not disappoint as hazy hats and shakers swing in and out of a chimey hook of utter Chicago bliss. With more of a skippy garage feel, Does It Bother You continues Borai’s classic sound as looping vocal grooves and wide delays create a stunning atmosphere of soaring melody. The four-to-the-floor approach makes Does It Bother You a perfect dancefloor kickstarter as plucky keys create playful elements that drop into dramatically irresistible breaks.

Paying homage to the city that hosts this remarkably ingenious label, Tasteful Nudes represents just that, tasteful stripped down classic house built with today’s innovative production tools by fresh talent the world over. With this first EP sounding as perfect as it gets, one cannot help but hold their breath in anticipation of what is to come. As for Borai, his showcase of remarkable talent and relevant production style are sure to see him a seat at the high courts of the British deep house kingdom. Dropping as a hand-stamped vinyl release before going digital, the intent to present a more traditional style of DJing is conveyed not only in the sounds of the tracks themselves, but in the means of how the label distributes these juicy jams.