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EP Reviews

Benny Rodrigues


Amsterdam based producer Benny Rodrigues has seen an impressive track record working all across the spectrum from collaborations with Michael De Hey, Afrojack, and Darko Esser. His sound drives a sophisticated and clubby tech pop that has become a mark of Amsterdam’s scene over the past years.  Remixing the likes of Josh Wink and DJ Pierre, Rodrigues’ original work is nothing shy of effortless cool. His addition to Desloat only proves his widely recognized talent from some of the best in the industry. The Desloat EP promises four tracks of timeless Techno and House groove all supplied via a rising name in the scope of the industry.

Coming in loud and impactful is Funky Drummer, a track so properly named next to its complex and ever-present drum filled character. Screaming Techno drives the attitude of this bouncy bit o’ beats with varying hat patterns as added flair. Into more of a House vibe, Too Much Information continues Rodrigues’ salute to tech in his release, but also creates a wider landscape of thumping moments into technical pops and snaps of a masterfully mixed top end. Hitting us lower, Momentum contrives a familiar vocal sample from Bad Habit to bring a plucky fun loving tech house venture. Rising and delayed arps and delicate percs sit atop this bass monster.

One for peak time or the afterhour’s crowd, Rodrigues’ final tune Curry’s hints to a more typical sound of Desloat as it brings to light a new dose of Techno love. Menacing and full, the sounds of Curry’s close out the EP in a big way as plenty of reverb and filtered effects peel away layers. The track ultimately drops into a chaotic dose of dark energy. With such an eclectic influence and love for electronic music, Benny Rodrigues’ name is one that has been associated with top quality tech and techno hand picked by legendary producers to bring his signature sound to their originals or labels. Benny’s mark on Loco Dice’s Desolat imprint only confirms his peer artist recognition going forward.