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EP Reviews


No equal sides

Leeds house masters Audiojack are back on 20:20 Vision complimenting the already tremendously fresh sound the label has been inspiring over recent years. Bumpy, jackin’, and of course deep, any flavor of traditional house can be savored on the duo’s latest pressing. No strangers to quality, next to their highly regarded GRUUV imprint, the two have established a signature take on house music and push the limits of what the future holds for this beloved slice of dance music. Three tremendously bubbling tunes is a promise No Equal Sides keeps to loyal fans.

Bumping and melodic, No Equal Sides kicks of this dish with airs of more traditional Audiojack sounds. A relentless bass line and melodic organ riffs pay homage to old school house sounds but with a jacked up twist. Showing a more soulful side of the production team, Tunnel Vision warms the ears and also the dancefloor. Elegant pads and live vocal samples supply a catchy riff that sticks to the brain.  Smooth beat breaks re-instill a vintage livelihood to the jam before bringing back the soaring keys and vocals.

Finishing up the release in style, In Principle is a perfectly executed bit of deep house with a familiar 4/4 style. Trending break beats and hazy pads open to a chopped vocal and cruising beat. Cutting through the smoothness, filtered chords add an element of funky surprises. Always focusing with a strong eye for the dancefloor, Audiojack’s commitment to touring and production has enabled them to stay inspired and keep inspiring. Headlining a good portion of Leeds based talents in today’s market; Audiojack is a UK treasure that will continue to pave the way for the future classic sounds of house music.