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EP Reviews

Aidan Lavelle


Aidan Lavelle has taken some time from his illustrious work in television and film and has returned to the underground dance scene. This time, he delivers a brilliantly deep and trippy EP Tinnitus, on Damian Lazarus and James What’s label, Rebellion. Aidan’s three-track release surely continues his influential mark on the global dance scene.

The premiere and title track, Tinnitus, suspends the listener as it progressively builds along a rolling bassline. The subtle vocal and hypnotic chords flow in and out of the track’s intricate rhythms and polyphonic melodies. Stronger, is a different journey, filled with chunky keys and elements that play on building up and breaking down creating smooth textures and spooky deep vibes. A little more lively and optimistic, Aidan closes his three-track masterpiece with Play It, a more uplifting tune than the other two on the EP. Play It features a more laid back groove and cooled down energy with delayed vocals and summery swing that gives us a perfect vibe for the Ibiza season.

Aiden Lavelle surely can be respected for the amount of great production he has done both for dance music and in the more mainstream realm. His past collaborations with successful artists including The Gorillaz, Ian Brown, and Massive Attack, are no surprise considering the wide array of talented sounds he brings to listeners across all genres.