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EP Reviews


Punto 0 remixes part 1

Spanish producer and DJ AFFKT is a name synonymous with quality music that often seems to appear in many top DJs’ playlists. February saw the release of his first full-length album on the Sincopat imprint titled Punto 0. Boasting a unique take on music production, AFFKT’s creation of the album saw his international collaboration with musicians from Cuba, Berlin, and Brazil. While this unique process provided an album worthy of dancefloors and home stereos alike, AFFKT’s touch on what is commonly referred to as electronic music, is one that is truly unique in today’s market. Now, Sincopat brings us even more to be thankful for; the first part of his amazing album remixed from names like James Braun, Javier Logares, Douglas Greed, and Martin Patino.

Martin Patino builds the first remix of Grandiosa, a dose of Latin American sunshine that plays on the original with a more dancefloor friendly groove, enhancing the original bouncy hand drum grooves with a beautiful layer of soft pads and guitar melodies. Next up, Danish producer James Braun takes the experimental tune, Orquesta Peculiar and converts the rather relaxed groove into a stomping four to the floor banger that oozes fresh house sounds on top of astonishing vocals and break change ups.

Into the more organic sounds of the album, Javier Logares translates the warm, You & We, into a shimmering bit of undeniably danceable love. Last but not least Nuvol, featuring the vocal work of Spanish singer Sutja Guiterrez, gets a trippy re-work from Germany’s Douglas Greed. The original’s attitude driven, metallic drum patterns and twisted vocal are stripped down into a delicate groove of soaring synth rhythms and gracious percussion. As unique as the album itself, Punto 0’s remixes promise an undeniably fresh take on the future of electronic music and its production. Part two cannot come soon enough.