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Novation presents LaunchKey, its Ableton Live controller!

Novation’s Launchkey keyboard controller is not just another MIDI keyboard, but a fully integrated instrument for Mac, PC & iOS device.  When used with a computer, Launchkey provides a full array of controlling options with its 9 faders, 9 buttons, 8 rotary knobs, 16 launch pads, full transport, pitch mod wheels, octave stepping and track switching capabilities.  Novation’s new ‘InControl’ technology instantly maps Launchkey’s controls to all major DAWs including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic and Cubase. When used with Ableton Live, Launchkey’s 16 velocity-sensitive launch pads can trigger clips and launch scenes or trigger Live’s Drum Rack.

Available with 25, 49, or 61 keys, the Launchkey family of keyboard controllers are compatible with both computers and iOS devices.  When working with an iOS device, Launchkey’s controls will depend on the individual apps’ mapping features and availability.  Novation has 2 apps currently available for free on iTunes Launchpad and Launchkey.

Launchkey is a powerful synthesizer app based on Novation synthesizer technology.  With a unique user interface and 80 synth sounds to choose from, Launchkey gives you a fast and fun way to play with sound. You can change each sound instantly using the interactive and hands-on graphics.

Launchkey App Features:

  • Integration with the Novation Launchkey hardware
  • Powerful synth engine
  • Dynamic performance area
  • 80 exciting patches
  • Two octave on-screen keyboard
  • Arpeggiator
  • CoreMIDI Network input
  • Background audio
  • Audiobus support

Technical note:

The Launchkey app requires iOS5 and above and is recommended for iPad 2, iPad Mini and Retina iPad (not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch).

When using the Novation Launchkey hardware with the Launchkey app, you can control every part of the synth from specially designed control hardware.

Launchkey Control Features:

  • Control the app control knobs from the 8 hardware knobs.
  • Switch between performance nodes with launch pad buttons 9-16.
  • Access favorites with launch pads 1-8 (store a favorite by holding the round pad and a launch pad).
  • Control Amp and Modulation envelopes from the 8 hardware faders (49/61 key model only).
  • Control the app volume from the hardware master fader.
  • Control the app Arpeggiator from the Play, Stop and Loop buttons.

Another interesting feature on the Launchkey controller is that you can set it up to control both the Launchkey app and the Launchpad app simultaneously. Two arrows on Launchkey’s front panel decide what app the faders and pads are individually controlling. When pressed and illuminated red, the top left-facing arrow assigns the faders to control the volume parameters within the Launchpad app. When the top arrow is pressed again and becomes unlit, the faders control the Launchkey app.  The bottom right-facing arrow controls the assignment of Launchkey’s 16 pads, and when pressed activates control of the Launchpad app.

The Novation Launchpad app for iPad will have you making beats and music instantly. It comes with eight ready-to-perform sessions that span different musical genres. You can re-combine the loops and sounds included in these sessions within the multi-color Launchpad grid to make and remix your own music. The built-in time stretching always keeps you locked into the beat so your loops don’t go out of time.

Launchpad App Features:

  • 8×6 Launchpad grid for triggering up to 8 loops and sounds at a time,.
  • 8 volume sliders and 8 filter sliders.
  • FX section for adding repeat and synced filter effects.
  • Load new complete sessions and sounds.
  • Global Tempo change.
  • Edit mode for loading samples.
  • Autosave never lose your sessions.

The app follows some of the key features from the renowned Launchpad hardware controller, now used by many of the worlds famous DJs, producers and performers, but brings it to a new level of simplicity and fun. 8 volume sliders allow quick volume changes and simple FX modes offer cool DJ effects such as repeater and filter effects, adding fun ways to remix your music and make your performance unique.

Technical note:

 The Launchpad app is for iPad 2 and above (including iPad Mini) and requires iOS5 or later (not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch).

Novation also decided to sweeten the deal by throwing in software and sounds for Mac and PC including Ableton Live Lite, Bass Station and V-Station soft synths, and Loopmasters samples.