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New releases

Edición 308

Presentado por Jon Billick

Hello Friends!

In this Episode 308 for DocePulgadas, just like last week, we’ll continue to offer our mix with the newest music of the week with a tempo of 123bpm. It will be our trend from now? Who knows… but what we are sure about is the quality, elegance and freshness. As it always is and will be our goal doing the tracks selection of the week, we hope you enjoy the ride.

As for the musical selection we will hear the new work of Rhythm&Soul, Death On The Balcony, Frag Maddin, Cuartero, Round Table Knights, Yenk and Nikola Gala released on labels Slow Town Records, Dikso Records, Area Remote, Saved Records, Exploited, Sincopat and Moan Recordings among other major releases.

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Escucha los New releases de esta semana

  • Edición en español Presentada por Kiko Martinez

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 308 Play
  • Edición en inglés Presentada por Jon Billick

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 308 Play