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New releases

Edition 302

Hosted by Jon Billick

Hello Friends!

We continue along in our series with Episode 302 of the DocePulgadas. This week’s mix brings some interesting new releases to light as winter begins to fade and approaching festivals and conferences are beginning to get closer. We’ll hear some of that outdoor vibe with a few from of our selection as well as some of the darker and deeper sounds that have been dominating the winter season.

In issue we’ll hear new music from Downtown Party Network, Avatism, Rachel Row, Maya Jane Coles, Florian Kruse & Kevin Knapp and Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo releasing on Dirt Crew Records, Vakant, Pets Recordings, Hypercolour, OFF Recordings and Circus Recordings among other great pitches.


Listen to this week's new releases

  • Spanish edition Hosted by Kiko Martinez

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 302 Play
  • English edition Hosted by Jon Billick

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 302 Play