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New releases

Edition 294

Hosted by Jon Billick

Hello Friends! This is Episode 294 and the penultimate show of 2013 for DocePulgadas! In this issue we return with a round of our usual sounds but this time we focus on deep and melodic vibes a bit more than we usually would.

As for the selection, we present new tracks from Tiger Stripes, Marco Resmann, Nick Warren, Kruse & Nuernberg and Ramon Tapia released on the labels Desolat, Watergate Records, Hope Recordings, Rejected and Say What among other good releases.


Listen to this week's new releases

  • Spanish edition Hosted by Kiko Martinez

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 294 Play
  • English edition Hosted by Jon Billick

    DocePulgadas Radioshow - New releases 294 Play