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New Deepchord album by Soma Records: Sommer

The Detroit-based artist Rob Modell, aka Deepchord, release a new album to the market on August 27 called Sommer, from the hand of Soma Records.

Following on from the dark intensity of Hash Bar Loops, Deepchord has continued to innovate and diversify his output. Traces of the previous work remain on this new album Sommer but here, there is a lighter more ethereal feel.

Deepchord is one of the more established producers of dub techno international scene with a distinctive sound clearly influenced by the Detroit school. With Sommer presents 13 tracks faithful to his dub techno style, rhythms from Detroit, plus meditative electronic compositions enriched with organic sounds, many of which Modell collected at the beach near his home.

As an appetizer we leave you with this video, a previous teaser that presented Modell’s previous LP, Hash-Bar Loops (Soma). And we visited the surroundings on where the album was recorded: the red light district and the canals of Amsterdam.


  1. Glow
  2. Aquatic
  3. Cruising Towards Dawn
  4. The Universe as a Hologram
  5. Beneteau
  6. Fourier
  7. Aeronautics
  8. Flow-Induced Vibrations
  9. Spring Mist
  10. Amber
  11. Alfama
  12. Gliding
  13. Wind Farm