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New compilation Sequence by veteran Jeff Mills celebrating the 20th anniversary of Axis Records

The veteran deejay and producer Jeff Mills has prepared a new compilation called Sequence that reviews the last two decades of his Axis label, for the 20th anniversary of the label in this 2012.

Founded by Mills in 1992, Axis has mostly served as a home for the legendary Detroit DJ and producer’s own work, charting his moves from Detroit to New York, Chicago and Berlin. This month, it celebrates twenty years in operation with a limited edition 320-page hardback book, featuring Axis art, photos and design works, bundled with a USB card containing 30 tracks Mills has selected to represent the label’s history. Mills‘s intro reads:

Axis was built, not created as a matter of circumstance or chance… Early on, I realised that even though the allure of dealing with the subjects of here and now are attractive, eventually I would fall short when wanting to offer more substantial music contributions. Essentially, I could not imagine making music for someone I did not understand, so I decided to make it for myself. – Jeff Mills.

Mills chooses (almost) one track from each year since the inception of Axis Records. A package with a booklet where Jeff Mills explaining the concepts behind each track. For those unable to get their hands on one of the books, there will also be a double-CD version bailable, the package will hit stores at the end of this month at the same time with the especial edition.

And now we said goodbye to our special tribute to Jeff Mills by Asier Meataka.


USB card

  1. The Art of Barrier Breaking
  2. G-Star
  3. Gamma Player
  4. Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)
  5. Gata
  6. Unfastened and Floating
  7. Le Mere C’est Un Caractere
  8. Flying Machines
  9. The Industry of Dreams
  10. The New Arrivals
  11. Perfecture
  12. The Loss of Power
  13. Condor to Mallorca
  14. Time Slip (unreleased version)
  15. Utopia
  16. A Universal Voice That Speaks to All That Will Listen
  17. Expanded (A1)
  18. Microbe
  19. Tracer 1
  20. Spiral Galaxy
  21. Life Cycle
  22. The Bells
  23. Star Chronicles: Orion Belt 3
  24. Real Life
  25. Automatic
  26. The Dancer
  27. Changes of Life
  28. See This Way
  29. At Sunset
  30. Spider Formation



  1. The Art of Barrier Breaking
  2. G-Star
  3. Gamma Player
  4. Gata
  5. Le Mere C’est Un Caractere
  6. Flying Machines
  7. The Industry of Dreams
  8. The New Arrivals
  9. Perfecture
  10. Condor to Mallorca
  11. Time Slip (unreleased version)
  12. Utopia


  1. A Universal Voice That Speaks to All That Will Listen
  2. Expanded (A1)
  3. Microbe
  4. Life Cycle
  5. The Bells
  6. Real Life
  7. Automatic
  8. The Dancer
  9. Step to Enchantment (Stringent)
  10. Changes of Life
  11. See This Way
  12. Spider Formation