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New album of the producer and deejay Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: Twice Around the Sun

The Canadian deejay and producer Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts will release his third album this fall, Twice Around the Sun will be published next October 8. And the French label Circus Company will once again be the home for the record, the same imprint that released Breaking the Fourth Wall, Dumont’s second full-length.

Twice Around the Sun sees Dumont further employing a live aesthetic in his music, with The Side Effects, the live group that sometimes joins him onstage, appearing on three tracks; as well other collaborators such Dave Aju, Nicolas Boucher, Sébastien Arcand Tourigny or Alexis Messier.

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts became one of the revelations of 2007 with the release of his first album Face A L’est in Risquée Musique label and with his 12″  Petits Djinns for Circus Company.

We remember his 12″ Petits Djinns

His unclassifiable style soaks from a wide range of resources: funk, electro-acoustic, contemporary jazz, latin jazz,… And travel from African tribal sounds and to eastern Europe.

It manifests itself in the primal beat and mysticism of the bass line in Time Outta Joint, and the frantic swing of Discotic Space Capsule. From the earthy rattle of the natural percussion on Last Call to the sultry coo of the sax on Constellation, this album is undoubtedly 100% Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts.



  1. Time Outta Joint
  2. Cascading Thoughts
  3. Last Call (When Space Is The Bass)
  4. Morning Gin
  5. Twice Arounf The Sun
  6. Ten Thousand Feet
  7. Constellation
  8. Discotic Space Capsule
  9. Man, Woman And Soul
  10. Solar Flare