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New album of Russian producer and deejay Proxy: Music from the Eastblock Jungles Part 1

Russian produce Proxy is ready to release his debut album, Music From The Eastblock Jungles Part 1.

Real name Evgeny Pozharnov, Proxy hails from Vladivostok, one of Russia’s easternmost cities, where he’s been making music in relative isolation for years. Later, Proxy‘s big break came about five years ago when Tiga agreed to release his first record on Turbo Recordings. The Canadian label has been Proxy‘s home ever since.

One his key influences is The Prodigy, who he saw play live in the Red Square years, and whose in-your-face rave aesthetic still colors most of his productions.

Beloved by top DJs and stadium crowds the world over, the undisputed master of the Turn It Up to 11 movement has created an album that harnesses the pure spirit of legit rave culture, with 11 tracks that span and elevate countless genres, notably inflected by classic bass and DnB, without regard for trends or ephemeral influences.

With an epic and awesome intro as Red Juke, this awe-inspiring album will have you shaking in your boots since the first minute.

Music From The Eastblock Jungles Part 1 is due out in this November, to be followed by Part 2 in February of 2013.


  1. Red Juke
  2. Raw
  3. Raven (Original 08)
  4. Revolution
  5. Junk
  6. Dance In The Dark
  7. Raja Ganja
  8. In Time (Skit)
  9. 8000
  10. Shut Up!
  11. Abyss