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New album of German producer and deejay Monika Kruse

Today we present the fourth album of the German producer and Dj Monika Kruse, entitled Traces, which shows all the styles, sounds and shapes of her long career.

At the start of the nineties, Monika’s DJ life began with her as a resident at the Ultraschall Club in Munich. During the next years she published seven mix compilations and set up the record labels Terminal M and Electric Avenue. Her flourishing career has taken her from East to West, playing on the macro Japanese rave Wire, as well as in the best clubs in Australia and Brazil, and of course, in Germany, playing on the Love Parade in Berlin or at international clubs as Berghain-Panoramabar, Watergate and Weekend.

Now, twenty years later Monika and Terminal M label, collected in 12 tracks and 66 minutes the varied style from the German artist, where thanks to her play between deep house, techno, Drum & Bass and  tech-house is one of the most respected artists.

With Traces shows her weakness for broken beat, ambient tracks in the mode of Aphex Twin or Autechre, where also we can find classical techno tracks as Wavedance, with the collaboration of Thomas Schumacher, along with others who remember her beginning as Namaste, or the emotional ending theme M.U.M.

We offer several advances:

Traces is out on 1st June.


  1. Cycle of Trust
  2. Playa Dust
  3. Exhale
  4. One Love feat. Robert Owens
  5. Robot Heart Edit
  6. Robot Heart Original
  7. Wavedancer (Monika Kruse & Thomas Schumacher Remix)
  8. Traces
  9. Trippy Tipi
  10. With Hindsight feat. Nick Maurer
  11. Namaste
  12. Harlot
  13. M.U.M