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Native Instruments presents Traktor Krontol Z2 mixer

Native Instruments has released another tool for Traktor operators worldwide with the new Kontrol Z2. The Z2 represents the first hardware DJ mixer from Native Instruments. Built from high-quality audio components and sophisticated in design, the Kontrol Z2 gives life to new possibilities for Traktor DJs.

At first glance, the Kontrol Z2 resembles a battle-style DJ mixer fused with parts of the Kontrol F1 and X1. The Z2 is able to perform as a standalone DJ mixer with gain controls, 3-band EQs and high-pass/low-pass filters across its two main audio channels (A and B). With 4 RCA stereo inputs (2x phono, 2x line), the Z2 can seamlessly switch from vinyl or CD to Traktor once a computer is plugged directly into its 24-bit audio interface. The Z2‘s rear panel also includes aux & mic inputs, booth out, record out, XLR main outs and a USB Hub for connecting 2 external controllers like the Kontrol F1, X1 or Maschine. Now we see a little video with Traktor Kontrol Z2: Controllerism with Ean Golden.

When using the Kontrol Z2 with the recently updated Traktor 2.6, all of the Z2’s controls are automatically mapped to Traktor’s internal mixer. Both sides of the Z2 include a Kontrol Section for further control over Traktor cues, loops and remix decks.  When decks are in Traktor Mode, the Kontrol Section’s four vertical buttons change colors to blue and green (blue for cues, green for loops).  When in Remix Deck mode, the corresponding Kontrol Section borrows colors from the F1 and allows control of the top sample from each remix deck channel.  The Kontrol Section also provides additional control of Traktor’s C and D decks.  DJs can route the Kontrol Section’s four vertical buttons to deck C and D by pressing the layer buttons marked C and D. With the Z2, Traktor decks C and D are entered into the mix via two rotary volume knobs located above the loop controls.

When Flux Mode is activated on either channel, both cueing and looping take on an entirely new dimension.  As Native Instruments states: Flux Mode tracks the time while you’re juggling cue points or looping and lets you drop back in at exactly the right moment. Similar to Slip Mode on a Pioneer CDJ, Flux Mode keeps track of where the song would be playing, so when you release your cue points or loops, the song will jump to the place where it would have been had you not manipulated the playback. We know more thanks to Traktor Kontrol Z2 video: Turntablism with DJ Craze.

Macro FX combines multiple Traktor effects on a single knob making it easy to add some serious drama to the mix.  By holding Shift and turning the FX knob, DJs can toggle between different Macro FX, from Bass-O-Matic to Zzzurp. DJs can also utilize Traktor’s built-in effects on sound sources such as vinyl or CD by switching to Live Deck Mode. Once again, by holding Shift and then selecting the Traktor button on either channel, Traktor decks A or B will switch into Live Deck Mode. This feature also creates the opportunity to quickly rip your vinyl onto your computer.

Traktor Kontrol Z2 also includes the latest version of Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software and Traktor Scratch timecode vinyl and CDs. The Kontrol Z2 was released on November 1st and is priced at $799 (£629).