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Magda, Marc Houle & Troy Pierce. Items & Things, first compilation: Variables

After fifteen solid releases, the Berlin based label Items & Things run by techno trio Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce has entered a new chapter into the cutting edge electronic music market since summer 2011. The label has seen releases from bigger names as Tomas More, Danny Benedetti, Madato, Darabi & Tim Paris. They’ve also travelled their globe with their Down & Out party series.

The label is a platform to launch the music that we love. There are no rules, just sounds we like and artists we believe in.

Here is one of their Down & Out parties in Berlín

But have somehow still found time to focus on this new release. Magda, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce and their Items & Things band present a heterogeneous mix of original songs with their first compilation Variables, which will be released on July 13.

In addition to new tracks from Magda, Marc and Troy, there’s tracks from new friends including Populette (Throne of Blood) and Rework, old friends who’ve released with the label before as Jimmy Edgar, Miro Pajic, Tomas More and Andy Martin, the label artists Click Box, Madato and Danny B., and surprise newcomers Howard Watson and NYMA.

A box set includes four 180 gram records on cream-colored vinyl, where each track is fresh, fun and tailored to the summer season, bearing unique and funky musical traits unearthing the producers’ personalities. Naturally, a compilation of such high caliber wouldn’t pass through without a corresponding mix CD and for that, the label has put Magda on the job. The mix CD will come out as a separate release on July 27.

You can listen to a preview of Variables

The Items & Things crew will be celebrating with parties in Barcelona and Berlin on June 14 and July 22 respectively.


  • A1: Miro Pajic – Love Love Love
  • A2: Click Box – One
  • B1: Troy + Reka – Collapsed
  • B2: Jimmy Edgar – Black Neon Dance Floor
  • C1: Danny Benedettini – Spooky Little Girl
  • C2: Populette – Hell’s Pass
  • D: Howard Watson – Keep Away
  • E1: Nyma – Brain Crunch
  • E2: Magda – One Way
  • F1: Rework – Tell Me Why
  • F2: Marc Houle – Villain Of The Dancefloor
  • G1: Troy Pierce – Don’t Stop, Continue
  • G2: Andy Martin – Hexahedron
  • H1: Tomas More – Ice to Ice
  • H2: Madato – Slow