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Josh Wink and Philadelphia mark 20 years of electronic music with Ovum

Once Upon a Time is Philadelphia, birthplace of disco. Once Upon a Time is Chicago, the birthplace of house music and around 1987, in parallel with the more purist house development, two youngsters called Spanky and DJ Pierre were playing with the Roland 303 bass synthesizer and delivering it to mid and high frequencies. By then Josh Wink was already playing by the Philly local scene, and was influenced by all these sounds: Disco, House, Techno, and the Spanky experiment that later would be called Acid.

In 1990 Wink published on Strickly Rhythm, with his good friend King Britt, got named E-Culture, and knowing they had to create a platform to print all that music that haunted his head. Came 1994 and the project was called Ovum Recordings. The first single was Liquid summer, which catapulted Wink to the international scene, eventually publishing on major European labels of that time as they were R&S Records and XL Recordings. But were Don’t laugh and Higher state of consciousness the tracks that placed him in the top of the world stage in the ’90s. He was one of the first DJs who began to travel the world, along with John Digweed and Sasha.

Meanwhile, Ovum, his daughter, as he calls his label, kept growing and signing tracks from Aaron Carl, David Alvarado and Pete Moss. Reaching 2000 as an undisputed underground music reference. That decade, continued creating success with D’ Julz, Rulers of the Deep, G -Pal, Stafan Goldmann, David Duriez, Loco Dice, Steve Bug, Dj Yellow, Chymera, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Luca Bacchetti or KiNK, without forgetting last batch with MANIK, Nico Lash, Gergor Tresher, Technasia, Heiko Laux, or Spanish Nacho Marco.

I got into this because it was something that I lived and ate and breathed. There was so much passion for the music, there was nothing else for me. Whatever notoriety and success had come from this, it’s kind of a mistake, a byproduct, and I never planned for that. And then came Ovum! Ovum is my child. And I can’t believe she’s 20! Where has the time gone? I have great memories over the past 20 years as all parents do with their children. Parenting has been a lot of fun, where I have enjoyed the highs and lows. But, extremely happy with how she’s turned out! And she keeps getting prettier, smarter, experienced and still has an intense integrity which allows her to have her fierce passion, motivation and happiness! We are so proud of how she turned out! And excited to see where her ongoing journeys lead her. – Josh Wink

Ovum will also be releasing some extra special music throughout the year, starting with Ben Klock and ROD remixes of Wink’s 1996 classic ‘Are You There’, out on 25th March.

Check the crazy original (and Wink’s dreadlocks) in the official video here: