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Wagon Repair

The Mole Mix

From the cold winter of Canada, we have the Colin de la Plante, also known as The Mole. In his time there, we highlight his seven years of residency in the Laika Bar, and his numerous appearances on the Mutek Festival. In 2005 and made ​​his first collaboration with Mathew Jonson, which was released by the label Kompakt. This year also saw the reunion of Modern Deep Left Quartet by Wagon Repair with incredible support by the press.

As a vinyl lover, he performed sets with five turntables, experimenting with loops and sounds:

I’ve only ever done it in Montreal because i think the number of tables scares people and it is fairly experimental… though terribly techno as well.

But perhaps the most important year for The Mole was 2006 when his ep In my song of Wagon Repair came out in a mix of Sven Vath, and when further its collaboration with Cobblestone Jazz’s Paddy led to the track Smokin posties, which was published by Itiswhatitis. This string of successes led him in 2007 to move to Europe.

Today, Colin calls Berlin his home. His album As high as the sky of 2008 established him as an artist to consider, including the hit Baby, you’re the one. 2008 saw the birth of his label 7 Inches Of Love, with Kooch. In 2010 he resumed his collaborations with Cobblestone Jazz, in the form of album: The modern deep left quartet, and most recently, this past year 2012, began his new label Maybe Tomorrow with John Berry from Kompakt. Let’s listen to The Mole in DocePulgadas!