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Wagon Repair

Mathew Jonson Mix

We speak about the man who blurred the line between house and techno. The Canadian man whose Jonson surname doesn’t carry the h. Mathew Jonson has published many masterpieces that there’s not enough room in these lines. From very young he started playing the piano and percussion, until he met the world of DJs and booths, and began to play with his friends around the clubs of Victoria, his city. These friends are Tyger Dhula, Colin De La Plante and Danuel Tate, they did not know yet, but later they will form Cobblestone Jazz.

It was the year 2001 when he released his first works on the label of his friend Spencer Drennan, Itiswhatitis. Another ep followed the next year, and was finally in 2003 when he took off. Typerope came as a shot in all the Djs bags, engaging in all kind of clubs, it was (and is) a perfect hybrid between house and techno. That same year also meets Luciano in his first trip to Europe and they record together the Alpine rocket theme, which was out on the prestigious Perlon.

Since then, he released on the best labels in the world: M_nus, Substatic, Arbutus, and even Kompakt. In 2005 he created the label Wagon Repair, where got out another handful of hits like Marionette or Automatic, and in 2006 released classics of electronic music as are Dump truck and India in me, this time as Cobblestone Jazz. Also as Cobblestone Jazz pulls out two albums, in 2007 and 2010, for Studio !K7. In the recent years Mathew has got the rights of the label Itiswhatitis, re-launching some of the most important works of the imprint, as Typerope. In this year 2013 has released her latest solo album: Her blurry pictures, on the prestigious label Crosstown Rebels.