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Wagon Repair

Hrdvsion Mix

Nathan Jonson started to play his father’s midi keyboard at the age of eight. For his 17th birthday, his big brother Mathew presented to him some albums of electronic music.

That midi keyboard was really the start of my interest in experimental music, he says. I was trying so hard to make a limited range of sounds into something different every time. Then I heard stuff on Warp, Rephlex and Planet Mu, and realised people were doing the same kind of thing. 

Then he started to release under the Hrdvsion moniker, by his brother’s label Itiswhatitis, with an album in 2002. Then, during the 2000 decade he released a bunch of unique and lauded twelves and EPs, remixed everyone from Doninik Eulberg, Filterwolf and Inkwell amongst others, and spun sick sets at London’s Fabric and Glasgow’s Arches as well as festivals like Mutek in Canada and Sonar in Barcelona.

In June of 2010 he released his second album by Wagon Repair called Where did you just go?. And since then he has been working with great labels as are International Deejay Gigolo, We Have Friends’ Music, Rinse Recordings, as well Wagon Repair and remixing for Hypercolour, Crosstown Rebels or Phil Kieran Recordings.