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Focus on

Wagon Repair

Hello friends!

Although this year is not being very prolific for the Canadian label Wagon Repair, the potential and history of this great brand always be present in our minds. In this Focus On, we review the four sessions of four artists like Hrdvision, The Mole, Luca Bacchetti and Mathew Jonson, which were broadcasted in DocePulgadas in 2010.

Founded in 2004 by Graham Boothby, Mathew Jonson and Konrad Black, the words Wagon Repair have become synonymous of quality in electronic music. They have no need to saturate the market releasing lots of references to be always present in the scene. In fact, since December 2012 they haven’t got anything. But since 2004 we have seen published many hymns, giving us dizziness. In 2005 were released, among others, Marionette and Return of the zombie bikers, both by Jonson, in 2006 presented his group, Cobblestone Jazz, with the timeless Dump truck, or darker India in me. In short, a long list of classic electronic that every lover of that style should know.

From DocePulgadas we try to do that, so in this Focus On Wagon Repair we are going to listen to the next artists:

  • Hrdvsion
  • The Mole
  • Luca Bacchetti
  • Mathew Jonson