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DeWalta Mix

David Koch grew up in a large family surrounded by music, art and literature. He attended the Waldorf School, as the great masters Abe Duque or John Selway. At the age of 7 he started to play the French horn while attending jazz concerts and rehearsals, as his grandfather was a music journalist. At the early age of 13 he was playing in the clubs of his city, going parallel interested in styles like hip-hop, funk or pop-rock. Already as a teenager he moved to Berlin and changed of school to study saxophone, piano and composition. Jazz improvisation and being in the vinyl paradise of Berlin led him to create his own music. He bought his own equipment and started experimenting, reaching even to create a disco band.

In 2007 started his own label, Meander, which calls the attention of labels like Kalk Pets, or the present one, Vakant. On Kalk Pets launches two eps, On Vakant publishes Nightshade ep in 2009 over what he throws more at the scene if possible. This single treats funk and bass in a very innovative way. The releases on his label have alternated with other works that have gone out on labels from other friends, as if Mike Shannon, who in 2011 joined forces with DeWalta to publish on Cynosure. We also note his presence in Haunt, Cynosure’s sublabel and for which Shannon has counted much on DeWalta.