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Upon You Records

Marco Resmann Mix

The steady work started in form of a first release on Martin Landsky’s Intim Recordings under his former artist alias Phage, often used in collaborational work with Daniel Dreier for a series of conjunctional, highly acclaimed 12“es. Around this time in the mid-nineties Marco Resmann also formed an alliance with Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix under the name of Pan-Pot. Apart from these projects, it was another fruitful collaboration that was meant to last. After meeting and immediately clicking with Norman Weber at a millennium NYE event in Italy they started to DJ together on a regular basis for years before they joined forces in the studio, establishing their project Luna City Express as a main project of Moon Harbour Recordings with numerous eps, Remixes and a widely praised album named Hello From Planet Earth released under the label’s roof.

As co-founder of Upon.You Records, Marco Resmann has given proof of his talent for spotting talent and the ability to invest consistent, dedicated, straight-up work in the house he and his label mates built. As a solo producer at the controls this career also includes remixes and releases on praised labels like Watergate Records, Mobilee Records and, lately, Poker Flat Recordings.