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Suol Records

Chopstick & Johnjon Mix

The year 2002 has come and Chi-Thien Nguyen aka Chopstick and  John Muder aka Johnjon become an inseparable duo. Their relationship started to grow and they spend their first hours in the studio. Later that Chopstick & Johnjon plug dozens of pins into the globe. Japan, Canada, Australia and Brazil are the countries where they leave unforgettable traces. The aim of each gig: vodka in the veins, keep every ass moving the whole night and back to the plane.

The year 2008 brings new releases on labels such as Moodmusic, led by famous producer and DJ Sasse, the label Dirt Crew Recordings, Oliver Koletzki’s label Stil Vor Talent and obviously their own label Suol Records.

For the last 2 years they have dove into all kinds of the electronic genres around techno, house and electro to finally narrow it down to their very own sound which could be merely described as driving, ass shaking tracks that bring a smile to your face by putting the focus on the music and melodies. In their words: Harmony rave. Always positive, happy, techy and fat beats.