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Focus on

Souvenir Music

Tiefschwarz Mix

We fired our Focus On of this month with the heads of Souvenir Music, the veteran and prolific duo of Schwarz brothers. Everything began in the early 90′s from their sessions at clubs ON-U and Red Dog in their hometown Stuttgart. Then they created Tiefschwarz in 1996 with producer Peter Hoff and began their long and successful career.

After a few remixes, their first single Music was released in 1998 on Benztown. The success of the single motivated Tiefschwarz to record their debut album Ral 9005 which came out on Four Music in 2000. They continued to nurture their careers as international DJs, playing high-profile venues across the globe, simultaneously they were building up an impressive remix repertoire, including reworks for the likes of Masters at Work, Ultra Naté, Freaks, Isolee, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Cassius, Minimal Compact, DJ Hell, Missy Elliot, Spektrum and Kelis. They’ve also collaborated on albums Misch Masch, Chocolate, and Eat Books, and compilations like Fabric Series and Time Warp, to name a few touches of their extensive work in recent decades.

Their extensive catalog of music and their characteristic deep house make the name of Tiefschwarz something legendary. And since 2006, from Souvenir Music, they show us more of their recognized expertise, good taste and know how that catapulted the group and keeps them on top of the global electronic scene.