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Alberto Sola Mix

When you mention the Spanish Alberto Sola it is impossible not to picture an innovative person, with a complete passion for all things music.

Alberto started in around 1995. He graduated from Electronic Music studies at the Barraca club school in 2009 after five years of intense studies. He learnt Music History and practiced with the most important Djs all over the planet. Now on his own journey, he began production by himself, and with masters like AFFKT and Active Sense, it was quite easy.

Having played at most of the prominent clubs in Spain alongside important artists of the world, like Troy Pierce, Abe Duque, James Holden o Richie Hawtin, Alberto has used his time in the booth to shape the sound he represents both while playing and producing today.  His club credits in Spain include legendary clubs like Barraca, Goa, Danzoo, Industrial Copera, Emporio and Fever, among others, and internationally at Suburbia (Italy), Arma 17 (Russia), Tresor (Germany), Kindergarten (Bologna) and London (UK).

Among many other releases of this versatile artist, 2009 saw the release of his first work alongside AFFKT, Big Cake, by Barraca Music. He also showed his tech-melodic-house skills with Medusa, alongside Renace on the German label Weave.

Alberto is not closed to any music style, but values ​​above all the avant-garde and underground. He defines his own style as eclectic: blending the best of each style into electronic music.