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Focus on

Mobilee Records

Pan Pot Mix

Apart of the panorama potentiometer of the sound mixers, Pan-Pot is an electronic music group of producers and Djs from Berlin, somewhere between house and techno. At first with Marco Ressmann, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, they have been growing as the label on which began publishing, Mobilee Records. After booking Anja Schneider in 2005 for one of the parties in which they played, they kept making building the relationship, sending her their productions. Proof of this contact, is the first EP of the duo on Mobilee Records, and second release on the label Popy and caste. Having graduated from the SAE Institute in Berlin, they published on Einmaleins as well. And this was just the beginning.

The point key of the Pan-Pot career was the release of their album Pan-o-rama, the first album released on Mobilee Records, which is a tour into several genres of techno, showing its broad sound spectrum, with a sense of melody highly developed. Their discography is mainly captured by Anja’s label, but they have also published on True To Form, Touched, and several times by the aforementioned Einmaleins. Let’s listen to our Focus On with these great artists and great representatives of the Mobilee’s sound.