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Metroline Limited

Phiorio Mix

Phiorio’s real name is Gianpiero Fiorin. Born in Italy in the 70’s, he moved to London in the 90’s, where he discovered clubbing and got hooked fairly quickly to the world of disc jockeying and partying.

After playing techno records in his bedroom for a while and honing in on his skills, Phiorio decided it was time to play some parties, so he proceeded with getting himself over to various East London warehouses waiting in line for hours and hours trying to get DJ set slots at Rave parties. Soon after he started being a regular visitor of those free parties, more gigs in real clubs started to materialize and he began meeting fellow techno and house enthusiasts that were sharing his same passion for club music.

Around the mid 2000’s, Phiorio started throwing his own parties in London, and picked up music production, together with a couple of friends. From this he started a record label, Metroline Limited. Now Gianpiero is currently co-running the labels Metroline and Retrometro (with his pal Octad), he’s released music on a few influential techno and house labels like Leftroom and MBF Ltd, and still enjoys playing music (music being techno, house and everything in between) with passion.