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Zumo Mix

Warehouse dwellers Zumo first surfaced on Hypercolour in 2009 with their Warped remix of Frankie Flowerz stone cold house classic It’s Funk, It’s House. Since then the Zumo boys have become devoted members of the Hypercolour family. Their motto is simple; strive to bring the party to their listeners wherever they are.

Zumo have been called effective and put together with swagger and rhythm, the duo embrace a wide appeal. There are no boundaries for their thriving appetite, these chaps feel the pulse at every turn, delivering an unforgettable venture in a memorable direction.

Following success on Hypercolour, Zumo quickly found themselves part of Spanish label Flumo and not long after that, London based Save You Records. With many calculated releases to their fast growing discography, the Bristol based duo have plenty more in the bag for the future.