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Crosstown Rebels

Damian Lazarus Mix

We closed our journey through the Crosstown Rebels label with its boss and creator. A particular guy, since the moment he spun his first record, British Damian Lazarus’s mission has been a clear and urgent one. Thriving to blow away the mediocre, the over-inflated, and the obsolete, to seek out and celebrate the energetic, the important, and the new. Always rebelling, always going places and driven by an almost childlike curiosity, a vivid imagination, and wicked sense of humour, he’s used his role to a largely successful degree. As a DJ and label owner, he is now a musician set to nurture and share the most exciting and experimental music on the planet.

Inspired by the new energy and possibilities in international club culture and music, Lazarus founded Crosstown Rebels in 2003. His dense musical career created countless hits and collaborations, with DJ mixes on big labels like City Rockers, Get Physical, TimeOut, and Soma. Not to mention a special collaboration with Matthew Styles as their Get Lost imprint came to be. In addition to his 2009 debut album Smoke the Monster out on Get Physical that only served to seal what we already knew; that Lazarus is an insatiable genius. A believer in giving people something exciting, unusual, and idiosyncratic, he lives life to the limit, always rebelling, always moving forward: that’s Damian Lazarus.