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Patrick Chardronnet Mix

Black Forest based half french Patrick Chardronnet had rather impressed with tracks like Eve by day, Ledge or Phonix in the past. Remixes and requests playing live or as Dj at the most famous clubs and biggest festivals followed. Patrick took this opportunity to travel, see the diversity and beauty of the world, and internalize these impressions to transform them in musical creativity later back home at the studio. With this process, he set himself up to find his new sound.

However, Patrick wasn’t unproductive till this time. His daily business for more than almost 20 years now, is the work in the studio, even though his work wasn’t focussed on completing tracks recently. He took his time to discover, learn about and explore new dimensions of sounds and instruments.

This 2014 has released tracks on some of the most important labels of the planet as Noir, Upon.You and Boxer Recordings. Beside from his work on club music, he has also started projects with several musicians from different fields of music. There is no limit to his ambition.