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George Morel Mix

George Morel is an accomplished and evolutionary DJ/Producer, and is considered a pioneer in the dance music world. Morel’s journey began as a young thirteen year old curious about electronic music and sounds, who began by experimenting with vinyl and turntables. By his late teens he fine-tuned his skills while playing regularly at parties in his New York neighbourhood. Little did he know that all of this would lead up to hit singles and worldwide recognition. What seemed like his magic touch extended to the success of the burgeoning Strictly Rhythm dance label where Morel was Vice President of A&R. His hard work paid off for the label, which celebrated with massive worldwide label recognition, and one Gold and Platinum records and Billboard Music Awards during his seven years tenure.

In 1995 Morel started his own label, Groove On Records. It became an overnight success, with every major DJ talking about the label. Ultimately, Groove On Records became Morel’s production platform, along with other notable DJs from around the world. Having experienced so many venues, cultures and music around the world, Morel’s sound has inevitably evolved with time. Listening to his tracks throughout the years you can hear how each single is distinct but holds a timeless groove.