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Catwash Records

Dj W!ld Mix

Deep, dark, acid, sexy house music has always been closest to the heart of DJ W!ld. For many, the recent rise of Dj W!ld, the Circo Loco residency, the WMC and Sonar debuts, and the joining of Cocoon’s world-renowned roster, has him pegged as one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.

Dj W!ld’s journey began at the end of the 1980s in Dijon, France, via a keen interest in graffiti and street culture, disco, funk, and hip hop. Until being able to get to develop a style clearly marked by classics like Laurent Garnier, Dj W!ld relocated to Paris in 1996, where he gravitated towards the Dj booth. He played at popular Parisian clubs Palace, Queen, and Rex, as well as collaborating with Peter Rauhofer as House Heroes, with their international hit Magic Orgasm.

At the turn of the millennium, Dj W!ld crossed paths with Chris Carrier and Guillaume La Tortue, to bring their collaborative EP Carnaval/Comestible. Dj W!ld established his own solo imprint Catwash Records soon afterwards which matched a period of intense productivity seeing him completing a new track every one or two days.

And now Dj W!ld is a regular fixture of it all: playing the best international clubs and festivals, releasing on leading labels, with the hottest remixes and sought-after Dj mixes plus the press, the hype and the underground chatter. Yet through it all, and into the future the spirit that drives him will remain the same: deep, dark, acid, a little bit W!ld and always sexy.