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Focus on

Be As One

We start the springtime Focus On with the label born in Tel Aviv Be As One, the creation of Israeli DJ and producer Shlomi Aber. It was early in 2006 when Aber decided to start his own label in order to develop his musical belief under the banner Highly Intelligent Music. Since then, the label continues with breakneck speed thanks to its futuristic rhythms.

Be As One revives and maintains the old school techno vibes while mixing it into the new age sound in order to keep the underground techno scene fresh. The idea behind this project is to keep track and develop the musical boundaries of the new century to create more intelligent and unique underground music.

With a well established crew, which contains some of the most well respected dj’s and producers of the recent times, and along with its broad range of quality underground house and techno releases, Be As One has become one of the most influential record label of the past years and a firm favorite in the musical elite.

We present the mixes of the following artists:

  • Gel Abril
  • Sable Sheep
  • Tripmastaz
  • Itamar Sagi