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DocePulgadas Interview: Alessandro Russo aka SLOK. Electronic Petz

A big influence on the Italian Drum’n'Bass, Breakbeat and Jungle scene for years, thanks to his two debut albums Freak 2000 and They Call it Jungle, the musical career of the Italian DJ and producer Alessandro Russo aka SLOK was increasing extremely quickly through a natural change of beats till house and techno and his international club hit Lonely Child. Releasing on labels such My Favorite Robot Records, Circle Music, Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero’s SAW Recordings, and One Records he has built a following with his unique sound, fusing elements of house, techno, electro and much more.

And at the heart of SLOK’s vision has been his Electronic Petz label, set up in 2006 to provide an outlet for quality electronic music from upcoming artists regardless of genre. To date the label has released four compilation albums in the Electronic Petz Series compiling the best of the labels release for the year, now they break with tradition for this the fifth chapter, offering up all new, unreleased material from a selection of truly exciting producers. We stop at a sample of this new work.

From the beginning until now SLOK has been changing and collecting successes with each release, from jungle to techno, drum and bass to house,… And now, at what point we can found SLOK?

Good question! After more then a decade of music productions and collaborations with different international electronic music labels, I’m almost still the same good and genuine boy since the beginning of my little music career, someone with a strong passion for the Sound and someone with the huge desire of produce each single tracks such as unique piece with a different sound and electronic music style. I still do all by my self when I work in my studio and I don’t like to work with any engineers since I cannot talk with someone else and give orders like: do this! or do that!…make it more fat! or add some echo to the snare please!… No sorry, maybe it’s one of my limit but for experience I really need to be focused on what I’m doing and work the Groove like I’m sculpting with my hands a plastic material or painting someting till up to I’m seduced and almost hypnotized of what I’m hearing, and unfortunately I cannot get to this state of physical and mental involvement when I have someone close to me, it’s very intimate. So, what I’m doing now and I did recently and that everyone now call House Music is only a my own pure reaction to the reality that I am living physically translated into sound pressure. By the way times are changed but I’m still a Genuine Slow Underground House Music Boy!!!

Within your long musical career, tell us one of your best memories of these years?

I was born in Ancona on a little Italian Town on the Adriatic sea cost near Riccione, and one of my first goal for move from there, and so, the best memories I have in my heart are surely all the travels I did and all the loved people from different cultures I met thanks to the big energy of Music…I also been to play on places of which I do not even know the existence! But I remember that before haven’t released a track yet, the first time I hearded some Drum’n'Bass Jingles I have produced for the most bigger Italian FM network Radio Deejay, ahaha I was so excited that I have not slept a full night! It was one another of my first goal to have my stuff broadcasted and check how they could sounded!

Sometime hard?

Yes, sometimes life is very hard, and we should try to be strong, but it’s also true that music it’s not an easy business and a big commitment…but that’s the game and it’s easy to take the wrong way and lots of energy, time, and the necessary motivation to continue walk straight on your way, but there is no other solution!

What pushed you to establish your own label Electronic Petz in 2006?

At the beginning was the necessity to have one more possibility to release music without wait the other labels feedbacks since sometimes is very bored! Then I started to open the label door and give the possibility to other artists at the beginning of their career to debut on Electronic Petz till I started to received demos from all over the world! And then on 2010 to celebrate the fiftieth release I have also released my 4th artist album SLOK – The Fat Pasta Grooves!

A new (fifth) chapter of Electronic Petz compilation series is published on 13 this month, tell us a bit what we can find in this compilation.

Electronic Petz Vol.5 is an unmixed Various Artists album composed by 12 unreleased fresh Tech / Deep House pieces produced by me and by others exciting music producers coming from far corners of the globe, like brillant new comer and The. NOd‘s music female DJ resident Vicky Groovy (Barcelona), by an international live trio The RealBirds (Florence, Paris, London) by the exotic DJ’s and producers Juliche Hernandez and Javier Carballo (Canary Island), the sexiest Ukranian’s man Kirill Kirik, by the maestro Argentino Santos Resiak and the most younger and hyper productive boy called Zuckre (Playa Del Carmen). The playlist contains also a rework I have realized for the Japanese Techno duo Modewarp.

And finally, SLOK has prepared for this new year another succulent surprises?

But sure! We are working to finally set up label night in Barcelona and Paris…then sooner or later this year I have a new release on One Records, a three tracks vinyl EP coming on Turquoise Blue Records (UK) a couple of remixes of Franksen on Circle Music Germany, and Julien SanFrancico on a brand new cool Parisian label called Petite Records! Then I should come back to work and finish soon my forthcoming artist album and a couple of tracks / collaborations realized with Jonny Cruz and Eric Volta. I’ve started also to collect demos for a new V.A. Compilation and if anyone’s interested please don’t hesitate to contact me! Then we’ll see step by step, thanks for the interview, besos a todos! SLOK

SLOK’s Official Website

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