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DocePulgadas 48 hrs Tour at International Radio Festival 2012. Part II

Today, we continue our DocePulgadas‘s tour in the International Radio Festival. We focus on Saturday, where we continued enjoying our trip, rediscovering old friends and meeting new ones.

With a festival of such dimensions as IRF, with an endless range of proposals both day and night of amazing RadioShows, incredible festivals, captivating boutiques, succulent awards and recognitions, great speakers, polished organization and hundreds of attendees, is difficult highlight only some aspects. We will make the effort, we focus on three events, which despite being impossible to cover the whole festival, are an excellent example of Saturday’s; professionalism, talent, fun, expertise, innovation, and great music!

We begin our tour with the afternoon’s Radioshow that featured Ghetto Radio Ghana team led by FOKN Bois & DJ Black. A non-profit Radio, committed to society and good music, is one of the most successful radio stations in Kenya, that will open a station in Ghana next December. Their work is admirable, a charitable platform for local young people, bloggers, photographers and directors to share trends and views with their community. African contemporary music, closely related to local urban culture, surprising and captivating. All this reflected in Zurich masterfully, receiving the unanimous support of the public.

Late afternoon it was the turn of Lithuanian producer Simona Albaviciute, authority on House music, presented the ZIP FM-Radio Silence Radioshow. ZIP FM has been bringing fresh vibes to the Lithuanian radio market for seven years now. Their innovative programming is aimed at progressive youth audiences and is constantly reinventing itself. It broadcasts a wide range of musical styles, from electronica to hip hop, experimental to psychedelic, and they left us very good taste.

We ended in the night with our friends and great professionals of Ibiza Sonica, not just as we think, the team won the award for Best International Radio. Offered a five-hour show at the charming Club Cabaret, with five of its heavier heads: Igor Marijuan, Andy Wilson, Christian Len, Valentin Huedo, Dan Tait and Adriatique. They were the life of the party and spoiled children in the Club. All of us had a great night, a familiar-small club, with excellent sound and a special charm. We would like give special thanks to the Club manager and unsurpassed hostess Lea Deak for the good reception, and the great night we had at this lovely place with the best company.

So far our DocePulgadas tour through the IRF 2012 but is not goodbye, it’s a start of a long career that has already planned his next step 2013, full of interesting news!