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DocePulgadas 48 hrs Tour at International Radio Festival 2012. Part I

As some of you know, DocePulgadas team visited last week International Radio Festival in Zurich. Were fantastic days, funny and very productive, and have left us very good feeling that we are still savoring. From DocePulgadas we don’t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate the festival organizers for their professionalism and their treatment. Especially to the responsibles and friends Miguel Alvarez and Darryl von Däniken for the sublime hospitality.

We could highlight many aspects of our days in Zurich, and the offer of more than 130 hours of RadioShows from over 20 different countries, the B2B Forum, parties, boutiques, awards, attendees, and so much more …! But now we focus on Friday, and we want to remember three events.

One of our first appointments was to attend the Show Beautiful Drive that Australian Kiss FM Melbourne  had prepared for Friday morning. So with enthusiasm and interest woke up early and headed to the Australian Show. Kiss FM Melbourne is all about making people move. Their programme is shaped by a massive line up of 157 DJ’s, hosting local and global shows, presenting live mixes of the latest underground sounds and other kinds of dance music. They’re also proud to showcase the best in Aussie popular culture and to push upcoming local DJ talent. And in Zurich, with Timmy Byrne at the helm, made ​​it clear why they are one of the most cutting edge Australian radio station.

Throughout the day Radio Energia Sao Paolo stunned those who came to their land. Brazil’s only true dance music station, broadcasting in the Sao Paulo area, which is home to almost 30 million people. Its name reflects its programme: energetic dance music meets live DJ sets and concerts, all tailored to a a high end urban crowd. Dimy Soler is a beloved voice and represents Brazil’s new DJ generation, was responsible for conducting the vigorous Show Energia Premium at Swiss lands with great mastery. Anyone who had the good fortune to stumble upon them will have good words, us included, we come and we fell drunk in the Brazilian spider web for a long time.

And then came the night with one of the most awaited shows, the Show The Xclusive by RTE 2XM Ireland, by the hand of Gabby Sanderson, celebrated producer and also the festival’s main female voice. They offered an eclectic and captivating show, a mashup of new releases, rare classics and musical gossip. 2XM is the wild child of the RTE, the Irish public service broadcaster. This digital station plays a broad range of alternative, from Indie to Electronica and even Nu metal. Its speciality lies in providing plenty of live music, with particular focus on sets from festivals across Europe.

But the tour didn’t stop there, soon we will tell you more about our days at the International Radio Festival!