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Deetron: Exclusive interview

Last week, we were talking to Deetron in Ibiza. Let’s see his opinion about the Ants party in Ushuaia, which he’s part of, and also about the white island. Nice to meet you Sam!

  • ANTS are in Ibiza and also you are. The island is being taken by the colony. But, what’s your favourite place of the island (apart of Ushuaia)?

I love Cala Comte for swimming, it’s absolutely gorgeous there and apart from that I really like to just go around the island and soak in the beautiful landscapes.

  • Why do you think the ANTS party is so special? What do you feel when you are playing surrounded by Ants?

It’s certainly a clever concept and it’s proven to be a bit of a counterpart to the more commercial happenings at Ushuaia and around the island. The vibe is always great and I have a soft spot for daytime parties anyway.

  • It is almost twenty years since Trax club in Zurich. How has the Deetron set evolved thru these years?

From a technical point of view it hasn’t changed all that much apart from the fact that I’m using CDJ’s along with the vinyl decks now. Obviously it has greatly evolved in terms of style and tempo over the years and I believe that’s happened as a natural progress.

  • Do you prefer dj set or live?

I only ever did two live sets and I brought lots of equipment along and it turned out well but at the end of the day I think I prefer a DJ set – it allows you to react much more spontaneously on the crowd whereas when playing live you’re a little bit more limited in that sense.

  • Which hardware are you using?

I use lots of synths – for example the Moog Voyager, The Source and Little Phatty, Roland JX-8P, Roland Alpha Juno-1 and so on!

  • Some years ago we told the young djs: “If you want to learn about djs and music industry, just go to the record shop” What should we say to them now?

If there is one in the respective DJ’s town, I’d still say the same thing – otherwise the most important thing is to find your way through the masses of music available through the internet and try to build a selection, which stands out. I believe it has become much more time consuming to find good music these days but there is a lot of great music around these days.

  • Deetron is a stamp of Electronic music quality, but from where comes the name of ‘deetron’? Is it a kind of neutron? The Tron movie is behind it?

There’s no real story behind other than I had to come up with a name for my first gig and started juggling around words and finally came up with this one.

  • Let’s talk about labels. If you say Deetron you think in Music Man. How is your relation with them? Are they the reason you don’t need a label?

I actually got signed to Music Man back in the days through a demo tape I sent and we’ve been closely related ever since. I like their way of working in the sense that they’re interested in a long term relation with the artist and want to build a long term career as well. Lots of labels these days just want to get out a single quickly and then the job is done for them.

  • Taking a look to your last Beatport chart, we see some new talents like Jimmy Edgar. What do you like of their music?

There’s a lot of great new talent around, especially in the UK and I appreciate their fresh take on House and Techno very much.