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Debut album of producer Jin Choi

We continue announcing new full-length debuts. This time it’s the turn of the South Korean producer, Jin Choi, which will launch on May 18 his first album, A Thousand Whales Of Love, on his own label Private Gold.

Based in Berlin, Choi began publishing music in 2006 with a tech house and deep house sound, including his distinctive personal touch with treated pianos, agile percussions and delicate vocals well-selected. Has published his work on a variety of labels including Archipel, Lessizmore, Contexterrior or Marc Romboy‘s Systematic Recordings.

With A Thousand Whales of Love, Choi focuses more on deep house sound, with downtempo bass lines and vocal chorus as hook. The album encompasses such disparate genre influences as ambient soundscapes in Don’t Look Inside, 60s soul like She’s Got Gold, 80s neon disco soundtracks with A Thousand Whales Of Love, smoky and moody blue-note jazz as Circles-Dark Mix, and his often played with tough yet subtle minimalist house excursions. Truth be told, to pick just a few songs to highlight the album would be a fallacy, as they all fit together into a larger whole.

It’ll be the first album released on Choi‘s Private Gold label, which is home to only a few of his previous 12-inches.

We can hear how some of the tracks sound

Tracklist of A Thousand Whales of Love

  1. Don’t Look Inside
  2. Godspeed Soul
  3. She’s Got Gold
  4. A Thousand Whales of Love
  5. The Hour Glass
  6. Amber & Gold
  7. Brother Ash, Sister Dust
  8. There Must Be Ways
  9. Love & Soul
  10. Solstice
  11. In the Dark
  12. Digital: Circles Inhale Mix
  13. Digital: Stealing Gold
  14. Digital: Circles Exhale

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