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Debut album of No regular Play by Wolf + Lamb: Endangered Species

No Regular Play will release their debut album, Endangered Species, this November on Wolf + Lamb. No Regular Play is Nicholas DeBruyn and Greg Paulus, two childhood friends from Minnesota who became core members of the Wolf + Lamb family after attending a party at The Marcy Hotel, the labels’ home base in Brooklyn, in 2006.

Though most of their records are made for the club, live instrumentation is at the center of their craft: many of their songs have lead vocals, and Paulus plays trumpet during their performances. We remember their work with one of Germany’s Sessions.

No Regular Plays Set at Boiler Room Berlin

Endangered Species continues this trend, with the duo working in everything from grand piano to African drums. No Regular Play´s fluid approach unites more than a lifetime of influences – and you can almost taste their deep love of early soul and jazz, 80s new wave, hip hop and electronic harmonies.

People who really care about music and the art in a pure and honest way are a form of endangered species in the modern world, This album is a tribute to all those out there who are the genuine article. – No Regular Play

These influences culminate in a sound that sits as comfortably in the indie arena as in the dance music community where they began. The album was recorded entirely at the Marcy‘s Hotel studio, which doubles as its dance floor on weekends. We remember some of their mixes.

The album includes guest spots from many close friends including vocals from Carolina Sevilla and Lisa Bauer on opening track Birdfeathers. And The Answer features vocals and piano from Eliot Cardinaux; or JT Bates, the prolific Minneapolis free jazz and indie drummer, recorded live drums on Kickback.


  1. Birdfeathers
  2. Wont Quit
  3. Endangered Species
  4. Nameless
  5. Never Had Enough
  6. Kickback
  7. El Dorado
  8. The Answer
  9. Card Game
  10. Keep it Right
  11. Where They Lay