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Ilario Alicante. Chart June 2012

  1. Moritz von Osvald Trio Yangissa

    Honest Jons Records

  2. Ilario Alicante Cyclical motion

    Gynold Audio

  3. Mike Dehnert Fachwerk 25

    Fachwerk Records

  4. Xxxy Give in to you

    Halo Cyan

  5. Simply & Thigpen Licking peanut butter (Zenker Brothers Remix)

    Ilian Tape

  6. Andrea Santoro Solid smoke

    Frozen Border

  7. Bleak Disfunction EP

    Deeply Rooted House

  8. Szare Mocao

    Deep Moves

  9. Rhythm & Sound with Jennifer Lara Queen in my empire


  10. Smallpeople When it's there

    Smallville Records