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Album debut of Christian Löffler, A Forest

Today we want to remind one of the most charming albums that have emerged recently and you cannot forget take with you this holiday season. We are talking about A Forest, the Christian Löffler‘s debut full-length under Ki Records label. Where Löffler surprises with this work that brings together many and varied nuances in a harmonious whole, seductive.

We remember you his captivating and disturbing video presentation.

This magical music box brings together 12 pieces of rhythm and soft deep sounds along with dozens of references. His theme Ash & Snow reminds us the content trance of Tram or Border Community, Gry Nœhr Bagøienen‘s voice in the hypnotic Feelharmonia like Portishead‘s style, house and club sounds but also delicate and harmonious as Signals, Eisberg, A Hundred Lights and Field, collaboration with lyricist and poet Marcus Roloff in Swift Code, and the constant sound approximation to IDM that evoke big names as Plaid, Pole, Clark or Venetian Snares. An album care in every detail, where Löffer also transferred to his videos all this secrecy, intimacy and intrigue that envolve this work.

Blind – A Forest

All this makes A Forest gets into your playlists this summer, either on a Mediterranean island, in Tranholmen, during your steps through a hectic city or between the dense forest you have chosen, sure you appreciate more this moment accompanied by this proposal. Not only raises it the volume, but also warms the heart.


  1. A Forest
  2. Pale Skin
  3. Eleven feat. Mohna
  4. Ash & Snow
  5. Feelharmonia feat. Gry
  6. Signals
  7. Blind
  8. Eisberg (Hemal)
  9. Field
  10. Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff
  11. A Hundred Lights
  12. Slowlights