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Tale of Us. Chart Octubre 2013

  1. Ten Walls Requiem ep

    Life and Death

  2. Mathew Jonson Kissin your eyes (Tale Of Us)

    Crosstown Rebels

  3. Sandrino Save


  4. Recondite Hinterland lp

    Ghostly International

  5. Aux 88 present Black Tokyo AuAstral projections feat. ice truck (Detroit Mix)

    Puzzlebox Records

  6. Thor Yellow sky over reykjavik (Baikal Remix)

    Connaisseur Recordings

  7. Esperanza Diga (The Field)

    Life and Death

  8. Sei A Blades of brasil

    Turbo Recordings

  9. Mark August Warm


  10. Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh Beetle

    Cocoon Recordings