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Sven Tasnadi. Chart Enero 2014

  1. &ME Think


  2. Runaway Brooklyn club jam (Tedd Patterson’s 2.6.8#2 Remix)


  3. Sable Sheep & Fosky Barricades of nowhere

    Moon Harbour Recordings

  4. Smalltown Collective Laguna verde (Sven Tasnadi Beat Tool)

    Challbox Records

  5. Arttu Passing out priviliges (Instrumental)

    Clone Royal Oak

  6. O&A 212

    Play It Down

  7. David Herrero Babe

    Witty Tunes

  8. Leon Unknown sexy

    Moan Recordings

  9. Richard Cleber Unlucky (Viktor Kaman)

    Waterfresh Records

  10. Jack the Box You can´t judge