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Soul Clap. Chart Diciembre 2011

  1. Pillow Talk The come back

    Life and Death

  2. Double Hill Purple hills

    Double Standard Records

  3. Parallel Dance Ensemble Shopping cart

    Permanent Vacation

  4. Blood Orange Dinner

    Terrible Records

  5. M.A.M Can't live without music

    Wolf + Lamb

  6. Tanner Ross Feat. Flo Night 4U

    No.19 Music

  7. Tom Trago feat. Olivier Daysoul Sucker for fools

    Rush Hour Recordings

  8. Soul Clap Feat. Charles Levine Lonely c


  9. Lucky Paul Feat. Milosh Thought we were alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold - Money vs Gold Remix)

    Wolf + Lamb

  10. Aquarius Heaven Universe

    Circus Company